In good terms again

Few days ago, my father and my brother did an argument.  At first, they were just talking about something when the father did not agree.  That’s when the argument starts.   It is really true that when a two person of the same attitude clash, it is hard because both do not want to give in.  They both want to win the argument and both wants to emphasize that what they think is right.  Worse is, they are arguing of nonsense thing.  arghs!  I can’t just listening to them and so I tried to stop them because it is really nonsense.  However, the father did gave me a sharp look.  The look that says, none of your business.  So, I just keep quiet.

They are not talking for two days, and it is very difficult because we live in the same house.  I told it to my older brother and sister, and they both said to give the two of them the time to think things over.  Soon, they will realized and decided to become friends again.  It is really true that distance and time will make the two person miss each other and remembers the good memories they shared.  Now, they are in good terms again.  Why again?  Because this is not the first time they these two warriors clash. haha!  I am used to it so to speak.  Even though, I do not like seeing them not talking and arguing.  Thanks God for they are okay now.

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