Is it because of the rematch?

When the presenter reads the score cards and announces the winner, the people who watch at the MGM grand shocked.  I even heard the word ‘boooo’ after hearing that Bradley won the fight.  Well, obviously those were Manny’s fans and supporters.  The decision is very controversial because Manny is the real winner.  If you saw the fight, it is very clear that Manny wins it.  It is so unfair on Manny’s side, but he accepted that decision.  He even humbly says, ” The decision has made, let’s give credit to him.”  An awesome line from people’s champ and best boxer of the world.

I have watch the interview and they were talking of a rematch.  In fact they already have a date of the rematch.  Yes, the so-called rematch will be on November 10 of this year.  Makes me think that the rematch is the reason Manny lost the game.  Was it all for business since Manny brings people to watch the game?  Or they wanted Mayweather to come out and have the guts to fight Manny?  Or is the fight/game manipulated by the master of the game?  These are the questions that comes up on my mind after watching the fight and hearing the interview.  Anyways, I know these questions will be a puzzle to me and I don’t expect for answers too because I know in my heart that Manny wins the fight.

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