The Secret of Discipline….

Disciplining a teenager is not easy.  For they demand freedom, to them they are no longer a child.  They can think of themselves.  Which the parent do not like. To parents, as long as they still live under their roof they are still in charge and will discipline them.  This is the reason why some teenagers walk away for they think they are being choke and lost their freedom.  Conflict between parents and the teenagers arises.  Teenagers do not want to listen to their parents, and parents wants their child to listen to them.  Minds are not meeting that is why creating a gap. 

Teenagers think that their parents do not love them for they are not allowed to do this and do that.  Sometimes they do not like the way their parents are disciplining them.  Punishment to them is like a torture and wish they can pick another parents.  Parents that would understand them and love them.  That is how they think if they are being punished.  But they forgot to realize that their parents are doing it because of love.  They want their children to be a better person when they grow up.  That is the secret of discipline.  Because of that love parents are doing their best to discipline them.  For their own good, no parents can do harm to their children.  It all for the LOVE and CARE from their parents.

One Response to “The Secret of Discipline….”

  1. I hope teenagers would also listen to their parents and will not think that what they are doing can be harmful to them. Talking to them intently could also help them understand.