Will be working soon

My brother got very sick October of last year.  He is was not allowed yet to work because he is under medication.  The doctor says that it is bad for him if he gets really tired.  I felt so sorry for him but glad that he is slowly recovering.  Every two months he will go to the doctor to see if there is any improvements.  The family is happy to know that the brother is getting better and that he is ready to work.  However, the doctor says that he should listen to his body.  If he feels tired , he needs to rest.  If he has cough or not feeling well,  he needs to stay at home.  And I guess it is right because months of medication is not easy.

Now that the brother is ready to work, he contacted his friends if there is available job for him.  Luckily, the person he used to work with has another project and in need of workers.  The timing is perfect because the brother needed a job.  In two weeks time, the brother will start working again.  I am happy that he gets a job.  And it is a blessing.  Good luck to my brother and I wish him well.

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