Busy day today

My agenda today is a bit busy.  I have to go with my sister to the pediatrician for her son’s vaccination.  And after that, we will be going to the clinic to get the result of her laboratory early this morning.  I have to wake up early even if I do not want to because pediatrician appointment.  I have lots of work to be done but my sister needs my help since she cannot move fast because of her condition.  She is still in her first trimester in pregnancy and getting tired is not good according to her OB.

After we arrived at the pediatrician’s clinic the doctor is not yet there.  She is on her way from a mission.  The pediatrician arrives at 11:30 in the morning.  Perfect because the sister’s result will released one o’clock in the afternoon.  We are catching the afternoon clinic of the OB that is why we are in a hurry because we wanted our agenda to be done today.  Sad to say when the BIL is calling the clinic of the OB, the secretary told him that the doctor will be out at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  Too bad because we want to finished our agenda today.  After getting the result, we headed home and get some rest.  Thanks to God for we got home safe.

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