To start up the business

I was having luncheon meeting with my friends few years after our college graduation.  We were talking of our career and what are our plans after we graduated.  Each of us wanted to put up our own business, but it will take time and patience because we do not have enough money to invest.  For the mean time we will find a job, and hopefully if we come up with the amount that needs to be invested, we will start the proposed business plan.  We were thinking of putting up a fast food business.  It is the in business of today as we have noticed in every department store and malls we have visited.  We are making our list of the things we need to buy to start the business.  Since the business is fast food, we need to buy kitchen utensils, over, Manitowoc ice maker, containers, chairs, tables and much more.  Lots of things to buy and we think it will take lots of patience before this business will realized.  We will try our best though, and try our very best.  If it is not sooner, maybe few years from now.  Crossing our fingers.

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