Unnamed Caller

Most of the time I put my mobile phone inside the closet to keep it in safe place.  I have put it many times on top of the drawer, television, radio and table but the nephew and niece secretly grab it and play.  It has fallen many times because they got nervous when I caught any of them getting my phone.  Due to this incidents, I decided to keep my phone inside my closet.  The only problem is that, I might not be able to hear the sound if someone is sending me messages or calling me.  That is the disadvantage of putting my phone inside the closet.

Just this afternoon,  my phone rung and I was not able to answer it because I did not hear when it rings.  I only saw unnamed caller registered on the screen of my phone.  Though I am not expecting a call, I felt very sad because the caller calls twice.  I have a feeling it is important.  I am trying to return the call but the number is cannot be contacted.  arghs!  This is a lesson learned by me.  After this incident, I promised to bring my mobile phone anywhere I go even at home and adjust the volume to level 5.  haha!

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