Choices in Life

There is what we call “choice”, more or less; we already know the strength of our decision. Thus, it is true that what we consider little things has more to consider for a decision to be realized. An instance of my life today where I believed God’s way of telling me that I should be thankful and that I am blessed of many things, a friend of mine is also unto questioning the purpose of her existence as she is now in her late-40’s. I realized that it’s not only me who are wondering and trying to dig deeper to get the answer of so many questions. As I am weighing it now, not everything we wanted in life can be achieved, that is a fact, however if we persistent enough to pursue what we wanted then you’ll find your way to get there.

My life is not perfect nor does my family are. Furthermore, my imperfection makes my life amazing. For so many years I am asking myself of my purpose in choosing to take changes for a good cause not only for myself but for the people whom I valued the most. Taking things in a slow pace is not being lazy, it’s just being careful, so to speak. I do not believe in taking instant chances for the sake of success. What I do believed is to make things possible in my own most way whether in slow pace or in the fast careful way. Life is short might as well we have to live it to the fullest.

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