Giving her a little punishment

As much as possible I do not want to spank or pinch my nieces and my nephews.  They are too young and is not aware of what they are doing that is why after doing bad things, I talk to them and explain to them that it is not good.  For me, it is best to talk to them and let them know of what they did then to spank or pinch them.  Talking to them is like making them more responsible and a good person as they grow old.  I have experienced bad things when I was younger.  I know the feeling of being bullied and quarreled.  I do not want any of them to be one of those kids with attitude problem when talking to other people or to other kids.

Lately, I have noticed from my eight years old niece attitude is getting worse.  I do not have any idea why she loves to make her siblings and cousin cry.  Even do not so good when playing with her friends.  I am aware that some of her friends does quarreled and I do not want her to be like them.  I have talked to her but she is not giving attention at all.  I do not want to use force but the niece forced me to.  So, to let her know I do not like what she did I spanked her butt using my stick.  The stick that used to just scare them now being used to spank her.  I felt pity after doing it, but I just give what she asked.  I am just giving her a little punishment to let her learn and remember what I used to tell her.

One Response to “Giving her a little punishment”

  1. Yeah absolutely I am agree with your opinion , when a child do some big mistake so he/she will have to be feel punishment so it will realize that their guiltiness. Thanks for the article.