Does disappearing helps?

Some time in our life we encounter problems that we never wish even in our wildest dreams.  Too big problems that we find it difficult to handle and at some point in our life we thought of giving up.  One attitude that we should not have because it will definitely destroy our will to go on and hopefully resolving it.  I have been in this situation many times already and thought of just living in the cave and never go out.  It is a selfish act I know but that is what I felt during that time.  I just felt that no one really cares of what I feel.  Well, those were the times when I felt so alone and no one to talk to.

However, thinking about hiding and disappearing act to escape the current problems in our lives is not the solutions.  Avoiding it does not do anything good at all.  It will just add more bothers and confusions in our minds.  It is still best if we face the problem and find a possible solutions.  It is the matter of accepting it and looking for a possible solutions.  If it does concerns with misunderstanding to our love ones, talking and listening to each other does helps.  it will allow both parties to know their shortcomings and mistakes.  It is not bad to be stand corrected.  Accept if we do commit mistakes.  Nothing is wrong in swallowing our pride sometimes.  Accepting ones mistakes makes us a better person.  So, disappearing does not really helps at all.

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