Can I have you?

To dream big things and to aim high in life is what I am doing now.  I have lots of things that I want to buy and have but I have to refrain myself from doing it because there are more important things to consider first,  First of, is to save money for the rainy days.  Even if they said that it is good to pamper ourselves sometimes, but doing it at this time is not possible.  Time is hard and money is not easy to earn, so might as well save it for the future.

Anyways, my dream is to have this awesome playbook gadget.  The features are nice that everybody would want to have it for themselves.  However, it is a bit expensive for me.  And so, all I can do now is to dream and say ‘Can have you even in my dreams?’  I know there are lots of people out there who is into collecting of different gadgets.  They are looking for what is new and what us not in the market today when it comes to gadgets.  If you are one of them try to check blackberry playbook 2.0 online.  It is now in the market and waiting for you to have them.

One Response to “Can I have you?”

  1. Shy´s Mode says:

    I want to have it too pero walay budget hehe..