Filipino is known for

Alright! I finally found photo to share it here.  I do not have nice photo that I captured recently that is why I dig on the photos that I have in my files.  I am glad to find one  and I think this picture is nice.  Agree? haha!

Anyway, the image above is the awesome work of art that will greet you welcome when you enter the GAP Farm found in Davao City.  You will see inside the Gap farm the things that the Filipinos are known for.  I mean the usual things that the Filipino people are doing in the farm.  The common thing that you will see in the farm is a person riding on  the Tamaraw/Carabao.  This is why they put this image in front of the Gap farm to great visitors coming in.  This Gap farm is the best place to have educational tour.

My share for 366 BPC @ Pinay Sahm.

2 Responses to “Filipino is known for”

  1. poray says:

    i had hopes of riding on a real live carabao when i was a kid growing up in leyte pero hadlok ko mahagbong waaaa

  2. Pinx says:

    We always have our field trip here back in elementary. I love GAP Farm!!! i miss it too…it’s been years!!! 217 bpc hop here.