I just love summer. It is the time for cool thirst quenching desserts as well as cooler drinks. It is the best time to put to use the handy dandy hand blenders to create a hearty treat that every one will love. But who says that they are only for summer goodies. I use my hand blender for making soups and sauces too. And that’s anytime we wish to have soups or sauces for merienda treats. If you need one, there are plenty of options in the market. There are many name brands as well as designs and style.

But of course, one should always consider the brand that has been proven to work well and withstand the tests of time. Anyway, if you are not so comfortable with hand blenders, there’s always the fixed mounted Blenders from HB that works just the same. What I love about this blender is that, it takes some effortlessness to make something as it is after all fixed mounted.

In lieu of a pitcher, the blender’s pitcher-like container can be used as such. Plus, it can grind or blend things without effort, in just a little time required. If one wishes to make juice, this kind of blender can be used as a juicer too. Mix fruits, blend them to perfection, add ice later or during the process and you get yourself a cool shake. One time I made Mango puree and I used this kind of blender, and everyone loved it. When baking, this can also be used to mix dry ingredients with the liquid ones. Actually, the hand blender can also do that, as it doubles as a mixer, but it takes more effort than using the latter.

I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other, but I guess it depends on what activities you mostly do that requires their help. Whichever is more convenient for you, then it must be the best..

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