It will be over soon

Some part of the country is experiencing too much raining and flooding.  Because of the non-stop rains, some rivers overflows that causes the flooding.  There are areas in Luzon are now in the state of calamity.  If you were to look at the situation, it will really breaks your heart.  I can see the sad faces of people who are affected, but they still manage to smile.  Which is a good sign.  Also, a good attitude to have.  The best thing that they should do.  Smile even if the situation is disappointing because smiling helps to uplift our spirit and will to continue living.  This is just temporary.

The prayer has been answered because the rain slowly calms down and eventually will stops soon.  After that, it is a new beginning of a blessed life.  No matter how bad the situation is, let us always remembers that God never forgets us.  Soon He will give what we deserves.  All we just have to continue moving on  and enjoy the journey of living.  Good or bad thing happens, let us embrace it with smile and happy faces.  The hardships that we have experiencing now will be over soon.  Calamity does happens to remind us of the forgotten environment.  Let us make it livable, clean and green.

2 Responses to “It will be over soon”

  1. haze says:

    same here we do get rain always.

  2. Pinx says:

    it will be over soon gen.. and i hope they won’t experience flooding for years to come. i hope the government will really do something about it.