My favorite spot in the mall

Before every time I go to the mall, my feet always brought me to the kitchen ware.  I just love to window shop plates, glass, cooking utensils and many others.  My friends always told me that I am like a married woman because I always wants to buy things for the home instead of buying something for myself.  Maybe because my mother passed away so early and no one is taking care of the kitchen.   But now I have stopped going to kitchen ware area because I have bought the things that I like to have in the kitchen.

My favorite spot in the mall lately is in the area where pillow, pillow case, curtains, blanket, bed, and chairs located.  Still something to put in our house.  I really wanted to buy new pillow and blanket.  I don’t have plans of using it just to put in the closet for when we have visitors or relatives that stay for a night or two they have pillows and blanket to use.  While roaming around, I saw a log bedroom furniture on display. The design is simple but classy.  Perfect to put in my simple bedroom.  I guess this would be my next project to do.  I am crossing my fingers.

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