The brother’s secret

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Lately, I have noticed that the brother smiles secretly every time his phone beeps.  I can see his eyes are glowing and came home late.  Not too late though, but go home later than the usual.  I can definitely say that the brother is inspired. Inspired by whom and what, that is for me to find out.  I am eager to ask the brother because I am so intrigued about his actions, smiles and the glows in his eyes.  However, I did not bother to ask because I am scared that he might not like it.  I do tease him sometimes, to force him to say something but I get a smile answer from him.  So, I guess I just have to wait for the right time till the brother tells me reason.

The answer is so soon because the brother shared to me yesterday about the reason he is inspired, happy and glowing.  I suspected though that it is something to do with his love life.  He shared to me some secrets about his personal life (love life).  I must admit I am smiling while the brother is sharing it to me because I wanted him to be happy and I am happy for him too.  I do wish for the brother’s happiness in life and I wish this is it.

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