New watch for myself

I was in college when the father bought me a wrist watch.  It was his birthday gift for me.  But it was lost by my sister.  She borrowed it from me because her watch is no longer working.  I am a kind sister and so I lend to her my wrist watch.  After a few days of wearing it, the sister told me that she lost my watch inside the library.  She was studying her lesson bell rang.  She hurriedly pick up her things and go directly to her class.  She went back to the library after her class but the watch is no longer on the table.  I felt sad but understand that even if I go wild and cry, it is no use.

I finished without a watch because my father does not want to buy me again.  After few years, my sister-in-law gave me a ladies watch.  It is so nice and very girly.  I am so happy for at last I have wrist watch to wear.  The watch is in my position for eight long years now.  I will just buy battery when the old one is drained.  However, lately I felt of giving myself a gift.  Something that I could use on daily basis aside from the gadgets that I have.  I remember that my current wrist watch is inside my closet because the battery is drained.  This gives me the idea of what to buy for myself.  I think I have to buy new wrist watch for myself.  I am searching online and this raymond weil is awesome.  I know now what to buy for myself and I deserved it.

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