The swelling feet

GEDC0170-1 The father has suffered from arthritis for years now.  Every time he eats foods that triggers the arthritis to attack.  The usual swelling are in his fingers, wrist, knee, elbow, knee and feet.  But it does not occur at the same time.  It happens after the other every time he eats foods that triggers the arthritis to visit him.  However, just recently the father is in pain because both his feet are swelling.  He cannot walk and move normally because the swelling is from his neck down to his feet.  He has taken so many medicines already hoping that the swelling to go away, but nothing happens.  He even wish to die and said that he is sick and tired of his life.  I felt sad and pity for him.

We have been asking and looking for a possible remedy for the swelling to deflate.  One friend told us to try the leaves of the certain plant.  Though we are not sure if it is effective or not, still we tried.  The image above is the feet of the father covered with the herbal leaves.  It is partly effective because the swelling is slowly deflated but the pain is still there.  The father just continued taking the medicines that  prescribed by the doctor.  He is getting better now and can walk slowly.  Few more days and the pain will be gone as well.  Because of what had happened, the father decided not to eat anymore the foods that triggers the arthritis to come back and give him pain.  No more meaty, oily and fatty foods for him.

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