To refrain people from coming in

The village where I live will be having its annual fiesta celebration.  The homeowners association is preparing some activities to make the fiesta celebration exciting, memorable and lots of fun to the villagers.  I always watch activities and programs every fiesta celebration.  In fact years back I choreograph a dance number many times already.  I am not doing it anymore and I missed it.  I do not have any plans of doing it now.  The last time I watched the program at the GYM, the people gets in the restricted area near the stage when the dancing competition started.  The in-charge are having some difficulty in bringing them back to the area where they are only allowed.  Though nothing was hurt when people are running nearer to the stage.  I hope that this time the in-charge will put crowd control experts to refrain people from coming in.  This is to avoid accidents especially to the kids and old ones.

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