The countdown starts

Every time the month of September sets in, everyone started the countdown to Christmas day.  Excited?  Yes, I guess.  I am doing my countdown as well.  I think counting the days before Christmas day comes is kinda cute.  It makes the days special and exciting.  Waiting for this big day to come makes people happy, sad, worry and many other emotions.  Actually we do have this mixed emotions.  There are lots of things that makes us feels this way.  Speaking for myself, I am happy that Christmas is approaching because this is the holiday where the world celebrates, and I get to celebrate it with the family.  I am sad because I missed my mother.  I do wish that she is still alive and celebrating with us.  I am worried because Christmas means expenses. haha!  And I guess you know why I said it is expenses.

Anyways, Christmas is the season of giving and showing love to our love ones.  Though we have to show and give love each day of our lives, it is the Christmas season where people are a bit showy to what they feel.  Well, this is just my observation.  Since the countdown begins, let us all count the days left before Christmas.  Also give and show love to our love ones each day.

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