Fear no more


The first time the nephew played at the Wonderland, he does not want to slide because he was so scared.  I have tried several times and even holding him just to try but he cries.  I understand because he just turns one that time.  The nephew now is one and seven months old and his third time at the Wonderland.  He is no longer afraid to go up and slide.  He really enjoyed his day at the wonderland alone.  Yes, he is alone because his cousins are not with us.  The sister and I are not planning to stay longer at the mall actually.  We just go there and pay the bills when the sister decided to do window shopping since it is still early.  But before we do the window shopping we dropped by at the Wonderland and let this little fella enjoy and play.  He did enjoyed the 30 minutes stay at the Wonderland.  In fact he does not want to go out when I carried him because the time is up.  We promised to bring him back to Wonderland with his cousins of course for him to enjoy much.

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