Got a low examination results

Because the nieces did not study their lessons, they got a low results of their second grading examination.  Too bad they did not even get the passing rate.  Very far from their previous examination. This is because they choose to play then to study.  Even if they have given them the motivation to study their study their lessons, still they did not care.  They are hooked up to play a lot.  I am afraid they have losing the enthusiasm to study.  Not like last year where they study their lessons eagerly before going to play.  They are influenced by their friends /neighbor who always calls them every time they arrived from school.

Their father is not happy with their examination results.  H talked to the kids about it and give them some advice, oh ultimatum rather.  haha!  They have to study their lessons and get a good results on third grading examination or else they will transfer to a new school near the village.  They do not like the school, so I guess they will do better on the next periodical examination.  Also, playing time is lessen.  They are not allowed to play unless they are done doing their assignments and study their lessons.  They are scared of their father so I assumed they will cope up with the very low ratings.

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