Marriage is not a contest

Lately, I am pissed by people who keep on asking when will I get married, how old am I, why I do not have boyfriend, why I am so picky, and so on.  I got irritated to be honest because of their so very much affected of my single life and my love life,  Can’t they think of something else to ask that is pleasant to my ears? arghs!  I have been asked the same questions many times already and I am sick and tired of answering it.  Oh well, I ma just being nice that is why I answered to their nonsense questions.  I wonder of why they are so eager to know my private and personal life.

Anyways, to all of you who keep on asking about my personal life, here is my explanation and this will be the last.  If you can’t read this explanation, that’s your problem. haha!  For me, marriage is not a contest so no reason for me to be in a hurry.  I am taking my time and enjoying my life as a single person.  I know that God has something for me, I am waiting till the right man and times comes.  I am not being picky, I am just letting myself know and discover things before entering into the relationship and get married.  And about my age?  That’s none of your business. haha!   I have plans, dreams, wish, ambitions and goals in life.  I hope and pray that any of those will come into reality.  If not totally, at least closer to what I wish for.  So there!

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