Christmas gift for the nieces

The last time the sister and I bought earrings for the nieces was when they are still a baby.  It was their first jewelry.  After that, we haven’t bought any jewelry for them.  Though we have plans of buying them necklace, bracelet and new earrings little by little when they grow older.  We will buy them jewelry one at a time because buying it at once is a bit costly.  The nieces are ages seven and nine now.  They grow real fast.  I guess it is time to fulfill the promised the sister and I did when they were still babies.  Christmas is approaching, we thought of buying the nieces bracelet as a gift this holiday season.  The sister and I are looking for a nice jewelry for the kids.  Since silver jewelry is the trend to young ones today, we will definitely pick sterling silver jewelry for the kids.  The simple designs are suited for the kids.  The kids are used to get toys, shoes and dresses from us.  This year is different and I am sure they will be very happy and love this gift from us.

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