Watching artista academy

Watching reality search show is one of my favorite to watch lately.  I like to see those hopeful people making their way on the lime light.  They are dreamers to enter in the showbiz industry.  Seeing them performed and showing their talents makes it awesome.  Their determination and willingness to make their dreams are true are shown in the in reality show.  It is not easy I must say, but they do have the ability to sustain the hardships for the sake of their dreams.  I do have dreams like them too but I guess it is not for me to have.  It  is best to have it in my dreams only.

Anyways, now I am watching Artista Academy in one of the local television channels here in the country.  Hopefuls are doing their best because tonight is their last night to show what they’ve got.  I do have bets and I do hope it is their night tonight.  If not, well it is part of life.  At least they give their best.  After tonight, their lives would be different because they became famous by joining the show.  It is the start of their stardom and the realization of their dreams.  Good luck and congratulations to the winners.

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