Watching horror movie with the family

Even if I promised not to watch horror movie again after watching The Grudge, I did not keep that promise yesterday.  Why?  Because I am so intrigued by the movie Tiktik,The Aswang Chronicles.  The movie is a newly released in the country.  I have seen trailers on television and I guess it is not that scary.  Also, I am interested to watch this movie because this movie is internationally release.  Based from the interviews and reviews, and  said that the movie is something that the Filipino showbiz industry should be proud of.  So, the brother bought a pirated copy of this movie for the family to watch and enjoy.  shhhhh

True enough, the movie is not that scary.  It is not heavy horror because there is touch of comedy where Filipino are known for.  I have seen Philippine horror movies and I can tell that thee is comedy in between to at least wipe the scary feeling of the movie goers.  Which is cool for me.  It is cool to watch horror movie and smiling, right? haha!  Anyways, Tiktik is a nice movie.  Not so scary compared to holywood movies.  I appreciate more the Philippine horror movies compared to other scary/horror movies from other countries because it is not that scary, not brutal and not bloody.

Anyways, the family dd enjoyed watching the Tiktik movie.  We are all smiling after watching the movie.  One good movie I must say.  And I am proud to be Filipino.

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