Make Your Kitchen Great on a Budget

When asked to define good food, you might very well think of it in terms of the home cooking you grew up enjoying. The delicious macaroni and cheese your grandmother used to fix, the meatloaf your mom used to make or your dad’s terrific steaks come to mind. Just as many of your favorite dishes through the years were prepared using cast iron cookware, you too can use cast iron pans to make delicious meals today as well as great memories for tomorrow. Better yet, these are some of the most inexpensive, high-quality implements you can buy, and you can adapt them for use with your family favorites. For instance, you do not need to buy expensive multi-taskers like a panini press; just a cast iron pan with grilling ridges can easily do the job.

If you are on a small budget, panini griddles can prove both expensive and very limited in their usage, making them a poor investment. You can substitute versatile cast iron grilling pans instead; simply put your sandwich onto a hot, buttered grilling pan, and press it down with another pan. If you have limited stovetop space, do not worry; cast iron broiler-safe pans are also made, so you can heat up the sandwich in the broiler.

If you want to turn out good food but only have a limited amount of money with which to furnish your kitchen, consider buying multi-taskers like cast iron cookware for everything from old family recipes to new family favorites. It lasts a lifetime with proper care, making it a wise choice no matter what your budget.

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