Stop being an impulsive buyer

Stop being and impulsive buyer.”  This is what the sister told me while we are at the mall.  She is busy picking things for his son and upcoming baby while I am also busy doing window shopping.  I was checking if the pants that I wanted to buy is still  when the sister came near me and asked if i could help her in picking things for her kids since it is our purpose why we are at the mall.  She is right, so go with her.  I will do the checking after we are done picking and paying the things for her kids.

While looking for pants, I saw a very nice t-shirts and blouses on display.  So, I stop looking for pants and decided to buy the t-shirts and blouses I saw on display.  I tried fitting it and I so like it.  I came near to sister and told her that I will buy the two.  But the sister stopped me from buying it.  She said, it is not necessary and I am being an impulsive buyer again.  Which I think is right.  I don’t really need it because I just bought two blouses a week ago.  Oh yeah, I forgot  I just bought two blouses.  Thanks to sister for reminding me.  That is why every time I want to go to the mall, I want to bring with me my sister because she always stops me from being an impulsive buyer.

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