How is your Christmas list?

I make lots of list the whole year, but one list that I so love is the Christmas list.  And I presume you already know the reason.  Since Christmas is fast approaching, it is time to make my Christmas list once again.  Because I am so excited, as early as this month, I am done with my Christmas list.  Thinking about it paint smiles on my face because I am going to buy something for the family, the gift that will show my love and care for them.   Although we can give gifts anytime of the day and any day of the year, but Christmas season is different.  It is because this season is labelled the season of giving and sharing.

Actually, I don’t make Christmas list before.  This year is my third time to be exact.   I don’t do Christmas list because I don’t give gifts for the family then.  If you ask me why, my answer would be for financial reason.  And for me it is only an expense.   So there!  That is how my thoughts before.  However, later I realized that giving something for your love ones is worth it.  And so, it is best to spend some for the family.  Besides, it is better to give than to receive, right?

How about you?  Do you have Christmas list too? If so, how is your Christmas list so far?

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