Saw one at the thrifty store

Thrifty store is a famous store where to buy branded and of good quality of bags, shoes, belt, clothes, wallet and many others.  That is why when I want to buy branded goods/items at a very low-cost, I always go to the thrifty store.  Though some goods/items are used, it is still useable.  There are also goods/items that aren’t use yet and some are slightly used.  It takes effort, time and patience to find good quality but it is worth it.  I have shopped at the thrifty store for years now and so far I like it there.  One day when the sister and I dropped by at the nearest thrifty store I saw this fox fur coat.  The fabric is so nice and the style is so pretty.  I thought of buying it but when I asked the sister’s opinion, she said it is not a good idea.  Thinking about what the sister told me made me realized that buying it is not a good idea indeed because I do not know where and when to use it.  Hopefully I

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