My memories at school

One of the most memorable days when I was in grades school was when I join an audition to be part of the school choir.  I was not really serious though it was really a challenge between me and my close friend.  I will try my luck to be part of the school choir while he will try his luck to be part of the school rondalla since he knows how to play guita.  The one who is not fortunate enough will treat the lucky one a snack.  It was just a game for us, though we did our best.  Luckily we both got accepted to the group we auditioned.  I was fortunate to be accepted as one of the school choir member, while my friend got accepted in the rondalla group and assigned to play the acoustic bass. Both of us are smiling after got accepted and treated ourselves by a yummy snack.  It was indeed one of the memories I had when I was in grades school.  The supposed to be a betting game turns out into a serious one. I never thought that I will be a member of the school choir, but it does happened and I am so happy about it.  Because it only means one thing, I do have singing talent.  wink!

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