Would you keep it a secret?

A mother can endure any problems and difficulties in life but when it comes to her children, she is the most vulnerable one.  It is very painful to the mother when the child is sick and has the serious problem.  When a child has problem, she/he will go directly to the mother to confide.  This is because the mother understands well and has the caring and comforting heart compared to the father.  They are strong, yes, but when the child is seriously sick, the mother will having a hard time in accepting it.  The sick child is every mother’s weakness.

This is the reason other prefers to keep their illness to their mother.  It is to spare their mother from getting hurt.  It is not right, but what they didn’t know won’t hurt them.  However, it is more painful to them if they are the last one to know that their child is very sick.  Even if it hurt them, the mother has the right to know.  To comfort and take good care of the sick child till the last day of their life.  I guess, it is best to let the mother know the situation than to regret it one day because it is too late.

If you were to ask, would you keep it a secret to your mother if you are seriously sick?

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