Eneloop batteries for my digital camera

Ten months ago I bought my first ever digital camera.  It was a dream come true because I always want to own a camera.  The camera that I bought does have free batteries.  I am so happy because I do not need to buy batteries for the camera.  However, I am having problem with the batteries because it drains really fast.  The batteries will go empty after five hours of using.  I brought it back to the store where I bought the camera.  They are giving me new set of batteries, but I still have the same issue.  I do not have any choice but to buy good quality of batteries for my camera.  I have asked a friend and she told me to buy eneloop batteries.  It was a good choice because the batteries lasted for more than a couple of days.  I so love the new batteries of my camera.  I am enjoying more taking pictures because the batteries stays longer.  So, if you are looking batteries for your camera, you can find it here for eneloop batteries.  I tell you these batteries are in good quality.  You will never regret it after buying eneloop batteries.  I have used the batteries for eight months to be exact and I do not have any issues.  I am satisfied of the batteries I am using in my digital camera.

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