Early Birthday Celebration

The niece will turn eight tomorrow.  She wanted to celebrate her day at the beach; however her birthday falls on Monday so we decided to celebrate one day ahead.  She is not expecting for any gifts from us, just to celebrate it at the beach is enough for her.  That is how simple the niece is.  Good thing we live near the beach, we can go easily.  Her wish is our command, so we are at the beach now to celebrate the 8th birthday of my niece Ella.

Anyways, before we go to the beach.  I attended an early mass at the church and I brought Ella with me.  Even if is she still sleepy, she wakes up rubbing her eyes.  At first she doesn’t want to go to church.  But after telling her that she needs to since it is her birthday she stands up and go directly to the bathroom.  I told her to pray to and give thanks to God for the gift of life and for another year of her life.  She did not light any candle yet because it’s not her birthday yet.  Tomorrow she will go to the church again to light a candle and say a little prayer.

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