Stand for her television

The sister bought 32 inches television a year ago.  Since they do not have budget yet to buy television stand, they just used their center table temporarily.  She is patiently saving money to buy stand for her television.  After months of saving, the sister now have enough money to buy television stand.  And because she does not any idea of what kind of stand she will going to buy that would match to her living room, the sister is looking for different kinds of television stands at the malls and furniture shops.  I guess it will take her some time to get the nice one because the sister is a bit picky.  Well, there is no harm to be picky.  The sister just want to buy stand of good quality and nice one.  I will help her though in looking for a television stand.  Even though the sister says no several times of my taste, I will still help her.  Who knows she will like my choice this time.

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