Things needed when doing yoga

I have mentioned in my earlier post that I will start doing yoga soon.  This is to keep my body healthy and, doing exercises will make the blood circulation of the body good.  I haven’t started it yet because my time is fully occupied.  But sooner, I will find time to do yoga at home.  I already have CD which I can follow.  No need for me to go to the gym to do yoga because I can do it at home.  Aside from the CD, I am also planning to buy an outfit to wear while doing yoga and a yoga mat towel to wipe the sweat on my body after doing the yoga exercise.  These are some of the things that I need when doing yoga and other exercises.  I am almost ready, I just need to find a time to start doing yoga.  Will definitely start very soon because I am not longer busy for the sister got a nanny for her kids.

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