I can be a DJ too

Listening to radio is one of the things that I do when I am at home. I sometimes ask my favorite songs to the DJ. Aside from they play most of my favorite songs, I also like when the DJ do a little mix to the songs they currently playing. Hearing the remix of the song is so cool and made me one to be a Dj too, but is not possible because I do not have the voice like the DJ’s has. However, if I have the best numark mixtrack pro, I can play like a DJ at home. I can do remixing of the songs, or even composing my own songs. I just have to connect this to my laptop and that’s it. I can start scratching, mixing, looping and much more.
So, if you want to be a DJ or composing your own song/s or own version of an old song, you already know music instrument to have.

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