Wants to buy new guitar

I have a friend who is addicted to guitars. I say addicted because even if he already have guitar, still he wants to have another one. I can tell that he has no plans of collecting guitars, just wants another one guitar to play with. I guess he is bored of his old guitar and wanted to have one. During his leisure time, he likes to play his favorite songs on guitar. I sometimes called him a frustrated singer. He has a good voice though in fairness to him. To put up a band is one of his dreams that is why he is looking for someone who will become his band member. I do hope that his dreams will come true one day. Anyway, since my friend is planning to buy a new guitar I told him to check out the new Ibanez Guitars. He can choose the one he likes because there is wide choice of guitars. When he buy a new one, I would borrow it for sure and try to play it. Nyay! So excited for him.

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