Started their new business

A month ago, the brother and his girlfriend moved to their new house.  Not really new actually, it was a family house of his girlfriend.  Just that the mother of the girl gave the house to them for them to start new life together.  They aren’t married yet, and I do not know if they have any plans.  Whatever it is, I wish them good luck and happy life together.  Since they decided to start new life together, they are planning to put up their own business to manage because they do not like the idea to work for someone else.  Well, that’s their perception.

Anyways, after weeks of planning and buying things, the brother and his girlfriend is now operating small business in the village.  They have just started it and I guess it doing well.  I do hope that their business will be profitable and will last longer.  In spite of various competitors, their small business is doing well.  They are thinking of another business now, and I hope that it will push through so that they have a nice income.  Also, it is good to manage our own business because no one will tell us what to do, plus we own our time.

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