Filed her reinstatement

The sister is counting the days left before she goes back to work.  She already filed her reinstatement papers.   She is now waiting for the days.  As the day of her returning to work getting nearer, she misses her one month old son.  Well, the heart of a mother.  The classes end two days after her returning to work.  She will not miss her son that much.  She will be spending more time with her son now because it is summer vacation.  While the sister is sad leaving her son, I, on the other hand is happy because I will enjoy the time with my nephew Andrei.

 The sister is arranging her stuffs already and checking the records of her students, so that when she returns to work, all she has to do is to fill up the records and record the grades of the students.  Lots of things are waiting for her return that is why the sister doesn’t want to return.  If she were to choose, she would let the sub-teacher do the rest, but it’s not possible.  She has to compute the grades fast so that she can declare the honor students, students with awards and merits.  Although she already has the names of her students who excel in her class, she just wants to see the grades to know the right awards, honor and merits to the students.

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