The Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, one of the significant events in the Catholic Church.  It is the Sunday before Easter Sunday.  For the Christ followers, Palm Sunday is the day of the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.  It is celebrated by Catholic Christian through procession.  The Palm Sunday also called the “Passion Sunday”.  Also marks as the beginning of the Holy Week.  I have been attending this event for years already.  Today, I went to church early to celebrate the Palm Sunday and also to attend the Holy mass.  The brother brought palm leaves that tied into crosses that will be bless by the Priest before entering the church.  Also the other worshipers brought palm leaves with them.

I am glad that I am able to attend the Palm Sunday today, but on the other hand, I am sad because I did not able to bring my camera with me to capture some photos on the event.  I forgot to bring it because the sister called my help because her husband won’t be going to church.  She asked me to carry her two months old baby because she will be holding her eldest son.  Since I did not able to capture some images, it is saved in my memory and will be remembered that today I witness again Palm Sunday celebration.

Are you catholic too?  Did you able to see the Palm Sunday celebration?

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