To become a responsible sister

The eldest niece is nine years old.  The same age when I was taught by my older brother to do household chores, look after my little brother and be at home than go out and play.  It was a torture for me then, but looking back I am so happy because it made me a better and responsible person.  I won’t be like this without them forcing me to become a responsible one.  My late mother was doing the same things to my older brothers back when she was still alive.  “You have to learn how to do chores at home and be responsible person so that when I am gone you will know what to do”, this was what the mother used to tell us.  Maybe she knows she will be leaving us early, that is why she taught us to be responsible person.

Anyways, this is the reason I am so eager to teach the niece to become a responsible sister to her younger brother and sister.  I want her to teach how do to the household chores, but since she wants to play all the time, I want her to spend more time with her younger siblings.  Be with them and be a responsible sister to them.  It is not easy for her because the thought I am so strict to her.  I am trying to explain to her though.  When she grows a bit older she will know why I am doing these.  By then, she will understand me more.

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