Done with my contract

Woohoo! I am so happy because I am done paying the 30 months contract with my internet provider.  It has been two years and a half when I grabbed their offer/plan to have one unit of laptop and 30 months of internet subscription.  I am so desperate to have new laptop or desktop back then, but unfortunately I do not have enough budgets to buy a new one.  My desktop was acting very badly.  Good thing I have enough patience to understand my old model of desktop.  That is why when I heard about the offer of getting a free laptop in exchange of 30 months internet subscription, I grabbed the chance right away.  The timing is so perfect because the offer arrives when I am in desperate mode.

It was like yesterday when I signed a contract with my internet provider, now I am done with my 30 months contract.  I am so happy because I can now save some because my monthly subscription now is lesser.  Thanks God for the blessings in blogging and to the entire advertisers for the opportunities.  I get to pay my monthly obligation and did able to buy things that I want.  At first I am doubtful if I can finish the contract, but now I did it.  I made a good decision back then.  Because of the new laptop, my work offline is easy and fast because of the better gadget that I am using.  And above all, thanks God for everything!

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