Going for new faces

I guess I am just tired of seeing the same faces in the senate that is why I go for new faces this time.  Yes, last Election Day, I practice my right to vote and go for new faces.  I think it would be best to try new faces and see if they can do something for the country.  There are lots of advertising on the television says to vote wisely.  I have voted for years now and I guess I voted wisely, but still many of my countrymen are poor.  The promises that the politicians made while they are still running for the position has vanished.  They are not doing their best to help the country and the people.  They have been in the same position for years, but people are still waiting for them to keep what they promised.

This is the reason I am did vote for new faces.  I have voted wisely and I hope I won’t regret it in the future.  I am so glad that some of my bets did make it to the top 12.  I hope they still be part of the top 12 until the announcement of the winners.  Also, I pray that they would be assets in the senate and will do their best to keep their promise in helping the country and the people.

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