Got it for free

 photo GEDC0987_zpsd528af74.jpgAfter the nephew grabbed it and played with it, my mouse pad does not look good anymore.  It needs new one very badly.  However, when I went to the computer store, the mouse pad that I want is a bit costly and I do not have budget for that.  Because I do not want to buy a mouse pad that I do not like because I might regret it at the end.  I just opted to use the old mouse pad for the mean time.  I will get rid of it when I already bought a new mouse pad.

One morning while I was checking emails in my inbox, I got a very nice email.  An advertiser makes a deal with me and in ex-change they will give me one of their products for free.  This is a good offer for me and really for me because one of their products is mouse pad.  Oh yeah!  I guess I do not need to buy new mouse pad because someone is offering mouse pad for free.  I immediately grab the opportunity and contacted back the advertiser.  I have now new mouse pad that I so love.  Aside from it is very unique, the fabric is very nice and of good quality.  I am so thankful for the advertiser.   Indeed, when you wait nice surprise will come your way.

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