Practising the songs

The brother will be singing the songs for the younger brother’s wedding this Saturday.  He will be singing three songs that is why the older brother is busy practising the songs to sing.  Though this is not the first time that the brother would be singing in front of many people, still he is a bit nervous and needs to practise more because this is the first time he will be singing in the wedding ceremony.  At first he is hesitant to do it but when the younger brother is requesting for him to sing, he has no choice but to say no.  The pressure rises up now that the wedding is approaching. Haha!

Good thing that the brother does not have to memorize the songs.  He can bring with him the copies of the songs to sing.  He just needs to familiarize himself of the tune and the melody of the songs.  I know the brother can do it because singing is his passion.  Also, the songs he will going to sing is not too complicated songs.  And one of the songs is one of her favorites.  I can tell that the brother will sing the songs very well this Saturday.  Good luck to my brother and congratulations to my younger brother.

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