Knowing her slowly

The sister’s babysitter arrives a month ago.  It was her mother-in-law that hired her.  So the sister is not so worried because her in-laws know her.  Besides, I’ll be visiting her home to see the nephews.  Sometimes I brought the kids at home so the babysitter will do some household chores.  I do not have any doubt after seeing her first time and asked something about her.  She is a good person and knows how to handle a baby.  However, we did not give her more time with the baby because she is still young.  I am in-charge of the younger nephew to be exact.

Since I am just at home, I took the chance to talk to her and to know her for real.  I sometimes asked personal questions and ask if she likes her job.  The sister has several babysitters before and no one lasted for three months.  The current babysitter is the fifth that the sister has.  So far, she’s does her duties very well that make the sister likes her and wants her to stay longer.  I do hope that she will continues doing her duties very well and will really stay longer.  Sooner, we will know her attitude and personally completely.  By then the sister will decide if she will increase her salary.

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