Rushed to the hospital

I didn’t know that the nephew is not feeling well yesterday morning. I just knew when he did not eat his breakfast. He was sleeping in their room when I checked on him. Then I know that the nephew has fever. His temperature is bit high so I force him to eat breakfast so he can take medicine to subside the fever. He did not want to eat; I just give him milk so he can take the medicine. However, he did not drink his milk either. Because he is chilling, I just give him the medicine even if his stomach is empty. I know that it is not right to give medicine with an empty stomach, but I do not have the choice.

At lunch time, still he does not want to eat. So I called his mom to be home because his son is not feeling well. His mother monitored him and gives him medicines even though he is not eating anything. The same thing happens at dinner time. We keep monitoring him though. We opted to stay up late to check on nephew’s condition. Until 1 in the morning, the nephew is getting weaker. Worse is the nephew collapse. We are panicking and rushing him to the hospital. I pity my nephew a lot. I wish I have the power to take the pain he has right now. Good thing that he is getting better now, still lots of examination and laboratory to do though. I hope that the nephew will get better real soon. We did had a very bad experienced last night. We learned from what had happened. The next time if any of the kids is not feeling well, we will bring them to the doctor or hospital to avoid worse scenario. Thanks God my nephew is slowly recovering.

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