Discharge from the Hospital

After confinement at the hospital for four days, due to amoebas, high fever resulting to convulsion, dehydration and UTI, the nephew is a little better and now discharge from the hospital.  Well, it was the brother and SIL decision because the hospital bill is getting bigger and we are afraid we won’t be able to pay for it because we do not know where to get the big amount of money.  We are glad that the doctor agree and let the SIL and brother sign the waiver that it is their decision to discharge the patient.  But before they come up with the decision, the brother and SIL see to it that their son is getting better and can do home treatment.

The doctor gives them the prescription of the medicines to buy for home treatment, together with the discharge instructions.  The home treatment will take 4-7 days.  After that, the nephew should feel better.  If not, they have to go back to the doctor for some advice.   Hopefully the nephew will get better after drinking all the medicines that the doctor prescribed.  Since his parents are both working, I am the nephew’s nurse.  I do hope that the nephew will cooperate with me because the nephew does not like to drink medicine/s.  I have to hold both his hands and lay him down.  It’s like torturing him but this is for his own good.

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