The joy of carrying new life

No words can express how happy a woman is to bear a child.  It is the gift from God that a couple is praying the moment they started their life as husband and wife.  However, once a woman/wife is bearing a child the responsibility starts.  The mom should know how to take good care of herself as well as the little life inside her womb.  Aside from carrying the life inside her womb, a mother/mom to be should take proper nutrients so the little life inside her is healthy and develops well.  The connection between the mother and baby starts the moment the mother is pregnant.  There are difficulties on the first trimester, but for the love of her child inside her, the mother endures it well.

As this new life is connected to her mother inside the womb, it needs to be taken care of by providing proper nutrients.  This is to support the baby’s growth and development inside the mother’s womb.  A mother should also keep healthy for the sake of the baby.  She cannot eat and drink what she wants when she is pregnant because she has to consider the little life inside her womb.  There is a little sacrifice so to speak.  But it is worth it.  The sacrifices that the mother has to endure vanish once the baby arrives.  Though it is difficult, still there is joy in carrying a new life.  So, if you are pregnant, be healthy so the baby is healthy as well.

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